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A fascination

When I first moved this area, I wanted to buy this house and restore it. At that time it didn’t have the plywood on the windows, or the chain link fencing around it. I wish I took pictures then. Obviously I didn’t buy, but I am still drawn to it. I wanted to take pictures, I think it’s still a beautiful place… I think it’s getting close to being torn down, as there is new construction close by. I have always imagined a farming family living here, with their acreage, their horses, ¬†an olive grove, a garden, ¬†children running, and playing, and working.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

Okay, I am Really NEW!
I thought it would be fun to participate.
I haven’t done anything with this picture, I just love the colors, the lights, the curves in the arched awning, and the homeless cart in front. It just feels “real” to me. This was taken in Portland Oregon.
Thanks for peeking.